Monday, January 19, 2015

Three Reasons Why Winter is the BEST time for Selling

If you ask anyone when the best time to sell your home is, you'll probably hear springtime. The weather is warm and comfortable, people are getting the itch to organize their homes (and realize maybe they've outgrown their homes after all), and the school year is nearly over. 

But I believe that winter can be just as lucrative for sellers as spring.  Don't believe me? Let me give you three reasons why, in my experience, December through March can be a great time to list your home with an experienced, motivated agent.

Less Competition

While your home will certainly find the right buyer, it's a lot easier to find that buyer when yours is one of the few available in a certain price range.  Bluffton homes under $300K, for example, are incredibly scarce right now.  A finished, beautifully staged, and ready-to-sell home (complete with a home warranty) makes a great impression on motivated buyers, especially when they don't have to see one hundred homes before they find yours.

Motivated Buyers

People looking for homes in the winter are motivated to buy. They typically know what they want, have done research into the areas they'd like to buy in, and have already been prequalified for a mortgage.  They're ready to make a decision, motivated by their own circumstances (which may be time-sensitive) rather than lovely weather and a bit of an idea that they might want to see what's out there. 

Internet Traffic

If you're looking for a home, and it's 35 degrees and raining outside, where will you start? The internet of course! Research has shown that internet searches on homes go up during the winter, because people are stuck at home more often and want to see what's available.  When your beautiful home is listed, and marketed heavily through social media and popular real estate websites, you'll see interest and traffic go up, increasing the likelihood of finding the right buyer more quickly.

If you've been thinking about listing your home, give me a call. Let's chat about the strategies that will help you get the most for your home--and help you find your next step. 

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