Saturday, December 5, 2015

Shop Local! My Favorite Bluffton Things

I am admittedly a little late for Small Business Saturday, but there's never a bad time to shop local.  Our local Lowcountry community is rich with talent and gifting opportunities that will keep your friends and family experiencing the heart of Bluffton and the spirit of Hilton Head for months to come.  If you're looking for a great gift idea or just a few new experiences for yourself, here's my list of favorite local spots!

Gigi's Boutique: The Place for Work or Play Clothes

Located in the heart of downtown Bluffton, Gigi's is a quintessential small town shop.  Trendy but approachable, Gigi's prides itself on being a "mother-daughter shop," meaning that people of all ages can find pieces that fit their budget and their style.  This family-owned business has been anchoring Bluffton's fashion scene since 2008; if you're looking for a great accessory or outfit for your favorite woman, Gigi's is the perfect place to visit.

Jiva Yoga: Find Your Zen and Your Zen Gear

When I have had one of those weeks--full of work and family obligations, with no time to breathe--I had to Jiva Yoga, one of my favorite places on the island.  You can find a great class to take--they offer classes at convenient times throughout the day--as well as all of the gear you need to take your yoga practice to the next level. 

The space is relaxing and inviting and with three locations (two on the island and one new location in Bluffton), you're sure to find the perfect class to release your stress and encourage fitness. A beginners workshop is offered, and a set of classes would make a great gift for a fitness-minded friend or a family member looking to improve health and wellness in the new year!

Shore Thing: Fun Gifts for Friends and Clients

Lovely personalized gifts can sometimes be tough to find, especially if you need a lot of them.  I love the local home business Shore Thing because they can deliver! I ordered gifts for my clients and friends this Thanksgiving, and Shore Thing did a wonderful job. They can do everything from small gifts to larger customized furniture orders, and the creativity is out of this world.  I love working with local craftspeople, and Vicki Cobey is one of the best!

Lowcountry Produce: What Christmas in South Carolina is Supposed to Taste Like

Lowcountry Produce is one of my go-tos for holiday gifts.  The world could use more pepper jelly, and I make it my mission to share the love with my family and friends.  The individual jars of jellies and jams are inexpensive, and Lowcountry Produce also has an array of delicious tasting Southern delicacies that are sure to set you apart, whether you are hosting a holiday party or bringing a hostess gift.  Ordering online makes it so convenient as well! I promise--you're going to want to stock up!

Eggs 'n' Tricities: Fun and Funky Fashion, Decor, and Art

Also nestled in Old Town Bluffton, this fun store features a vintage location and a funky attitude toward life. I love finding one-of-a-kind decor and art items here, often for very affordable prices, that help me put my special stamp on a room or on a gift. 

Sometimes, you just need to find something totally unique, and if that's the case then this little shop is the perfect place to go.  Eggs 'n' tricities is one of the shops that gives Bluffton its fabulous character and life--go visit!

Fiesta Fresh and Captain Woody's: Eat Good Food

 If you are what you eat, then you ought to eat awesome, right? I love Fiesta Fresh for a quick, delicious lunchtime option, so much better than the fast food options.  With a location on Hilton Head and in Bluffton, you won't be lacking for options to take clients, friends, or enjoy a lovely lunch with you and your favorite book. 

If you know me at all, you know that Captain Woody's is my favorite place for Sunday brunch. It's our family tradition, and I love its convenient location in the Promenade. With two stories and deck/patio seating, it's almost impossible not to love the atmosphere--and that doesn't even mention the food! I highly recommend this local eatery at any time of the day!

I'd love to hear what some of your favorite places are to visit and to shop in the Lowcountry--where can I visit next?

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