Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Is Fall The Right Time to Buy or Sell a Home?

Fall is one of my favorite seasons: football, pumpkin patches, community festivals, Halloween, and the holiday season that brings with it family and togetherness and, if we're lucky in the Lowcountry, enough of a nip in the air to remind us that summer is really gone. 

For many realtors, fall is an off-season--it's harder to find buyers, it's harder to find sellers--but I think that's because people don't understand the potential of fall! September, October, and even November can be fantastic times to buy and to sell a home.

Schedules Settle Down

Even if you have kids in sports and so you feel like you're on the move constantly, with fall comes some consistency in schedules. Kids are back in school, the rhythm of daily life (as crazy as it might be) is back, and things become somewhat predictable.  Fall is when you start looking around at your house and noticing the things you don't like or want to change, or start feeling like you want to decorate and make the place feel as cozy as possible.

This can help in real estate! People are back from summer vacation, have a focus on life and home, and may not want to spend another winter in a home they don't love. 

Advantage: Seller

Motivated Sellers

If you're looking for a home in the fall, inventory may be low but the homes that are out there are being sold for a reason.  If the seller is listing now, they're motivated--and that works to your advantage as a buyer. They may be more flexible on price, closing date, or even closing costs.  It doesn't hurt to try!

Advantage: Buyer

Less Inventory

Sellers, if you're listing in the fall you're going to have a lot less competition. Most realtors suggest listing in the spring and early summer for the most potential impact, so many homes will have just sold. But don't forget that people buy throughout the year, and if you're willing to list in the fall, you may just be the very best option in a buyer's price range!

Advantage: Seller

Better Weather

In the Lowcountry, we don't fight snow and ice and sleet during the winter months--in fact, we often have visitors and snowbirds who find the lovely weather here a huge draw to our area.  The weather helps home buyers as well--it's not very fun to look for houses in the blistering heat, so with the milder weather comes more willingness to tour.  As a seller, you can capitalize on this with realtor tours and open houses, and as a buyer, you can probably schedule a showing for almost any time without worrying about melting into a puddle.

Advantage: Buyer AND Seller

Many Schools Will Allow You To Stay

Once you've registered and started school, most Beaufort County schools will allow your children to stay where they are and finish the year.  For those who are buying or selling, this can be a huge comfort. Since we are a school of choice district, many students attend schools outside of their zone. While you'll have to provide transportation, your children will not have to change schools, lose friends, or worry about more new things as they are transitioning to a new home.

Advantage: Buyer AND Seller

If you're thinking about selling or buying soon, let's chat. We can talk about your unique situation and decide if now is the time for you to make a big move.  Give me a call or send a message to my Facebook page--let's get you home before the holidays! 

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